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Artist Statement

The journey is the integral inspiration that propels my art. Traveling throughout the world, I look for the simple, unsophisticated and organic details that define the beauty of that culture. I am always intrigued by the differing human elements and visual stimulation that I encounter.

The internal artistic journey begins with a feeling or thought until the work takes on its own personality. Finding the unexpected interplay between color, texture and imagery is what drives me in this process. I like to explore the diversity of each element, letting the muse take me further on the creative journey.

Blending art, culture and technology together I am able to realize these inspirations. I make use of both traditional artist's tools and creative technology to express the essence of these visions in new and innovative ways. Digital imaging using archival ink and paper come together with collage, painting techniques and photography to create unique prints and original artwork, the visual expression of the inward and the outward journey.

Lyn Bishop

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