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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Exhibitions:

2008       LA Municipal Art Gallery, DigitalEyes: New Esthetic Dimensions in Computer Visualization Technology, Los Angeles, CA
2008       ZIAM, PeaceWorks, Kokoro to kokoro wo tsunagu mono, Yokohama, Japan
2007       Honenin Temple, Lyn Bishop: Mundane Spaces : Far Away Places, Kyoto, Japan
2007       SIGGRAPH, Global Eyes Art Gallery, San Diego, CA
2007       Institute of Contemporary Art, Monotype Marathon, San Jose, CA
2006       San Diego Art Institute, 2006 Digital International Exhibition, San Diego, CA
2005       National Institute of Design, Magic Garden Cube: an intallation with N. Sabnani, Ahmedabad, India
2005       Namtso Lake, 911 Prayer Flag Installation, Tibet, China
2003       Artist Space, Night of 1000 Drawings, New York, NY
2003       Woman Made Gallery, Digitally Speaking, Chicago, IL
2003       San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Bytes & Pieces, San Jose, CA
2002       Beecher Center for Technology in the Arts, Digital Exhibit", Youngstown, OH
2002       The American Print Alliance, Memorial Portfolio, Peachtree, GA
2002       Siggraph International Traveling Art Show, Africa, Asia, Europe and USA
2002       University of St. Francis, Midwest Computer Art Exhibition, Ft. Wayne, IN
2001       SIGGRAPH, Art Gallery N-Space, Los Angeles, CA
2001       The Attleboro Museum, The Mind's Eye, Attleboro, MA
2001       The American Print Alliance, On Off Over the Edge, Peachtree, GA
2000       Alpers Fine Art, Women's Work, Andover, MA
1998       August Editions, On the Road, San Luis Obispo, CA

2004       Spa Resort, Palm Springs, CA, Osivla,
2003       Pfiser Incorporated, New York, NY, Shiva, Truth in Nature" & "Parvati
2002       Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, CA., pura puseh
2002       American Print Alliance Memorial Portfolio, Peachtree, GA., Turned upside down

Selected Presentations and Professional Activities:
2007       Siggraph Guerilla Studio, collaboration chief, w/ students from Shristi Schools, San Diego, CA
2007       San Jose Institute of Contempory Arts, assistant printmaker, Monotype Marathon, Los Altos, CA
2006       Siggraph Guerilla Studio, collaboration chief, w/ students from Shristi Schools, Boston, MA
2006       South Bay Regional New Media Center, presentation, Making Global Fusion, Santa Clara, CA
2006       Pacific Art League, presentation, Making Global Fusion, Palo Alto, CA
2005       Siggraph Guerilla Studio, collaboration chief, w/ students from NID and Shristi Schools, Los Angeles, CA
2005       Lyn Bishop & Taro Tsuzuki, electronic magazine, Global Fusion,
2004       National Institute of Design, workshop and collaboration, with Nina Sabnani, Ahmedabad, India
2004       Central Academy of Fine Art, collaboration, with CAFA and Siggraph, Beijing, China
2004       Schaan Art Center, collaboration, with Jacques Lecoultre, Schaan, Lichtenstein
2004       Pacific Art League, panel discussion, The Digital Arts, Palo Alto, CA
2003       San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Artist-In-Residence, San Jose, CA
2003       Siggraph The Studio, Artist-In-Residence, San Diego, CA
2003       Digital Arts Festivalpanel discussion, Issues Facing the Digital Artist Santa Cruz, CA
2002       Lyn Bishop, Digital Monoprint Workshop, Sunnyvale, CA
2002       Siggraph The Studio, workshop, Creating Alternative Print Surfaces, San Antonio, TX
2002       Santa Cruz Digital Art Festival, panel discussion, Digital Fine Art, Santa Cruz, CA
2001       Siggraph The Studio, presentation, Collecting Unique Source Material, Los Angeles, CA
2001       Thunder Lizard Photoshop Conference, presentation, The Desktop Fine Art Print, SF, CA
2000       Lyn Bishop, online publication, A Veil in Time: Nepal,
2000       Siggraph The Studio, presentation, Digital Printmaking & Photoshop, N. Orleans, LA
1999       The American Print Alliance, volunteer, Web design & development, Peachtree, GA
1999       Siggraph The Studio, presentation, Printing & Photoshop 5.5, Los Angeles, CA
1998       August Editions, presentation, A Digital Workshop, San Luis Obispo, CA

Newspapers, Magazines, Books, TV & Web:
2007       Contemporary Impressions Journal of the American Print Alliance, Lyn Bishop, Volume 15, #2, Fall pg. 17-21
2005       Adobe Design & Film School Connection, web feature,
2005       DG Magazine, magazine, Global Fusion - Creative Journey, Loueze Harper, January, Issue 121, pg. 2-13
2004       The Idea #7: The Indian Documentary of Electonic Arts, web feature,
2004       Photoshop Masking & Compositing, book, Katrin Eismann, ISBN: 0735712794
2003       Design Graphics, magazine, Lyn Bishop: Digital Fine Art and Prints, Loueze Harper, November, Issue 100, pg. 46-49
2003       San Jose Mercury News, newspaper, Cutting-edge Collage, Jack Fischer, March, pg. F1
2003       Steppin’ Out, newspaper, ICA artists-in-residence demonstrate high-tech techniques, Estelle Pagnoux, March, pg. 27
2003       Art Now Gallery Guide (West Coast), magazine, Bytes & Pieces: The Art of Contemporary Collage, March, pg. 52
2003       IN: A Publication of Seagate Technology, magazine, Digital Tools, Storage Bring New Freedom to Artists, Spring, pg. 17
2002       Secrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists, book, J. Sutton, D. Wise, Foreward Peter Max, ISBN: 0764536915
2002       The Idea #6: The Indian Documentary of Electonic Arts, e-magazine, S. Barua, Fall
2002       Peterson’s Photographic, magazine, Lynne Eodice, September, pg. 48-51
2002       Picture Magazine, magazine, Stacy Williams, April, pg. 46-48
2001       Art New England, magazine, Reginal Reviews, Rich McKown, May
2001       Providence Journal, newspaper, Art Scean, Bill Van Siclen, May
2001, web feature,
2001       The Design Authority, magazine, Amy Elmore, February, pg. 1-3
2001       Network of the World, television,January 1-30
2000      Digitalians, web feature, (Japanese)
2000      USA Today, web feature,
1999      Mac Art and Design, magazine, Jon Warren Lentz, Issue #26, pg. 12-13
1999      Apple Computer, web feature,
1999      Digital Imaging, magazine, Deanne Hansen, April, pg. 8-11
1999      Digital Fine Art Magazine, magazine, Peter Alpers, Spring, pg. 26-30
1999      Step by Step Graphics, magazine, Talitha Harper, Volume 15, #1, January, pg. 92-97
1999      Extensis, web feature,
1999      Computer Chronicles, television, January 19-25
1998      Microsoft, web feature,
1998      CNN Headline News, television and web feature, September 1, October 2 and December 13,
1998      Project Cool, web feature,
1998      Publish, magazine, Nichoson, Mark, December, pg. 24

Awards and Honors:
2002       Magnificent 7, Adobe Systems Incorporated, "pura puseh"
2000       First Prize, Coastal Art League Computer 2000, "Shiva" & "Truth in Nature"
1999       Grand Prize, Hemisphere's Photo Contest, "Huangshan"
1999       Prize Winner, MacWorld Digital Art Contest, "Red Wall with Ferns"


Magic Garden Cube



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