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Frida Kahlo at SFMOMA

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

The Two FridasThe Frida Kahlo’s exhibit at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art gives us an up close and personal opportunity to witness the self-explorations that the artist documented in her artwork throughout her career. Kahlo’s paintings are uniquely her own.

In her work, Kahlo paints for us the horrors of her life, with a few happy memories included to help balance her existence. Her source material draws from her Mexican heritage, the political landscape of the times, the natural world around her, the cosmos, as well as her own personal depictions of her very real physical and psychological pain. (more…) links for art and fun

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Lyn Bishop “X and O”Here are my links for the first half of July in no particular order – Enjoy:

Frida Kahlo at the SF MOMA
Dale Chihuly at the de Young Museum
enjoy an art date in San Francisco this summer!

Robert Rauschenberg in DC
Smithsonian American Art Museum Blog post about Rauschenberg.

Phillips new 3D Displays
Are you ready for a 3D TV set? Now that’s lenticular!