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Newsletter - May 2007 
May 7, 2007
Dear Art Lover,

Greetings. It seems that my good intentioned seasonal newsletter has turned into a yearly affair, as my last communiqué was April 2006! I’ve spent the time deepening my process, interweaving digital imaging with traditional printmaking and continuing to collaborate with other artists.

Artist Open Studio
After 2 years hiatus I’m excited to be opening my studio for SVOS again. I’ll be showing the PRINTS • PAINTINGS • ARTIST BOOKS that were created on the road, in collaboration, and since I’ve been home. A slideshow of my favorite Global Fusion PHOTOGRAPHS will run during the exhibit, and Taro and I will be on hand to share our stories and answer questions on everything and anything related to globe trekking.

In celebration of Mother’s Day (May 13), 10% of profits from Open Studio will be donated to SEVA in support of women’s programs around the world.

>>Next Event:
    Artist Open Studio
    Saturday May 12 & Sunday May 13, 2007
    11am - 5pm

SIGGRAPH Art Gallery
Last year’s collaborative book project created in the Guerilla Studio has been juried into the 2007 Global Eyes Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH. The collaborators were located in Boston and in Bangalore, and worked over the Internet to conceive, critique, and create the book in a span of 5 working days.

The handmade book If Dreams Could Talk looks at the concept of dreams and specifically the dissociated images and impressions that quickly fade upon waking.

Often the creative process is singular and individual, but when the work becomes collaborative, the resulting imagery becomes more than the sum of it’s parts. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with artists from all over the world. It opens my eyes and my heart to all kinds of new ideas and approaches to living.

>>Global Eyes Gallery
    2007 SIGGRAPH Conference
    August 5-9, 2007
    San Diego Convention Center
    San Diego, CA

Upcoming Exhibit
I’m already looking forward to autumn with a solo show at Honenin, an old Japanese temple along the Philosophers Path in Kyoto. The temple is known for it’s beautiful gate, raked sand mounds, and it’s progressive leader who opens his halls for art. Each week, two new shows open for exhibit on the temple grounds.

Honenin is an independent temple of the Jodo sect founded in 1681 by the 38th abbot of Chionin Temple on the site of a temple where Honen (1133-1212: founder of the Jodo sect) and his disciples trained.

>>Honenin Temple
    Mundane Spaces : Far Away Places
    November 19-25, 2007
    30 Goshonodan-cho Shishigatani Sakyo-ku
    Kyoto, Japan

Friends in the Arts:
Kent Manske is a kindred soul, a printmaker with feet in both the traditional and the digital realm. I’ve heard fantastic things about Kent for years, but have only recently become familiar with all the wonderful work he does (think artist, activist, teacher, mentor, community collaborator, etc…). His prints are rich with symbols that offer statements to or ask questions of the viewer about the work and it’s meaning. Check his work out at:

Thank You:
Thanks for reading through all the news. Feel free to forward this email or to invite others to join the list. They can subscribe at (at bottom of page) or send email to: mailinglist @ (without spaces) with "subscribe" in the title.

Thanks for your continued love and support.

Warmest wishes,
Lyn Bishop

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