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Newsletter Archive - September 2001 
September 4, 2001
Dear Art Lover,

It's been a wonderful summer where I've explored my art and my love of nature. I've hiked in the Santa Cruz Mountains, swam in the cool lakes and rivers of Northern California and gathered for music under the summer stars in Oregon. Summer is a magical time of year.

In my art I've continued to explore the intersection of digital and traditional mediums. I'm experimenting with alternative surfaces on which to print or transfer my images, including tile, wood and other surfaces I create myself. It's an exciting time to be pushing these boundaries with the digital print.

I was honored to have my work exhibited in this years SIGGRAPH n-space art gallery. Two pieces were chosen, Gesture IV and Gesture V. I presented them in diptych format. You can see Gestures V in the online gallery:

During the conference I learned that the work had also been selected to travel internationally in the SIGGRAPH Traveling Art Show. I'm excited to see the work travel to China, Africa, Europe and other international venues. The show will be online soon at:

And if this wasn't enough, I learned that Gesture IV is showing on the SIGGRAPH 2002 web site. I couldn't be more thrilled.

This was my third year volunteering in The Studio, a digital playground where you can create your wildest dreams. The area offers attendees the ability to sign up for a 3 hour block of time to create artwork in the form of 2D inkjet prints, 3D digital sculpture or Animation.

This year I was responsible for the Creativity Center, and worked to build a vibrant wet media area where attendees could mix the traditional with the digital.

Helen Golden and I gave a talk on "Collecting and Using Unique Source Material" and followed up with a scanning demonstration with Larry Danque on The Studio floor. In the Creativity Center we gave hands-on workshops on topics like "Creating Alternative Surfaces" and "Transfer Printing". It was a very exciting and creative week. My best SIGGRAPH experience yet!

My work is currently being shown in the following traveling exhibits:

Digital and Unusual Photography
curated by Carol A Dabb
-September - December, 2001 - Aspect Communications, San Jose CA
-January - February, 2002 - Harmonic Corporation, Sunnyvale CA
-March - April, 2002 - Maxtor Corporation, Milpitas CA


On Off Over the Edge
curated by the American Print Alliance
-September 5 - October. 5, 2001 - Cape Cod Community College
-October 26 - December 7, 2001 - University of Florida, Gainesville FL
-January 2002 - Lane Community College, Eugene OR

The first of my illustration projects with Arial Books/ Andrews McMeel Publishing in now available. Look for it in the gift book section of the bookstore, it's a small 2x2x1" format.
Title: Feng Shui,
ISBN: 0-7407-1464-3,
Author: Lorraine A. DarConte,
Illustrated by yours truly.

This is a must read for anyone with wonderlust: Wild Writing Women: Adventures in World Travel. The book is a travel anthology written by a group of 12 exciting women. I designed the jacket cover that they are all raving about. Check out the book and the cover at:

***INDIA IN WINTER 2002***
I'm planning a 3 month journey in India with my dear friend and colleague Megan Greene. We will travel together, documenting our journey using digital technology. At the end of the journey we plan on living and working in an artist community, artist-in-residency program or other creative facility to understand the source material before traveling back to the US.

Do you have some ideas on exploring Indian culture, art and religion? Where would you go? Why? We are interested in meeting and interviewing artists, spiritual pilgrims and people who express the essence of their culture.

We are looking for an artist-in-residence or other program where we can live and work for one month this spring, collecting our thoughts and assimilating the images into other art forms. We can give back to the program in the form of lectures, digital printmaking workshops and technology knowledge transfer.

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any insight on India. I appreciate any and all thoughts.

Visit my gallery at to browse the collection of currently available prints. I'm currently accepting new commissions on custom artwork. Contact me for a consultation or studio visit.

I met these fabulous artists at SIGGRAPH this year. I hope you?ll check out their web sites:

Daria Dorosh
Janet Echelman
Kenneth A. Huff
Susan Kitchens
Leslie Sobel
Glenn Zucman

This mailing list was originally set up through the ListBot service. As of August 20 they stopped their service. I saved all your e-addresses and am now sending manually through my email software. Just thought I'd let you know.

***THE END***
Feel free to forward this email or to invite others to join the list. They can subscribe at (at bottom of page) or send email to: with "subscribe" in the title.

Thanks for your continued love and support. I hope to see you at an upcoming event.

Warmest wishes,
Lyn Bishop

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