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Newsletter Archive - October 2004 
August 18, 2004
Dear Art Lover,

We're happy to announce the publication of our second issue of Fusion Journal! This issue contains thought provoking articles and visually rich photography of our journey across Russia, Mongolia and Northern China. You can read about the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the Naadam Festival in Mongolia, about collaborative art across oceans and much more.

We offer the Fusion Journal for download at the affordable price of $2.99 per issue and subscriptions (6 issues) are available for $17.50, payable though Paypal.

An account has already been pre-generated on your behalf and your username (email address) and password are included at the very end of this message. We hope you will stop in and purchase your copy today at:

As always, we invite you to visit our free weblog anytime you desire a virtual vacation from daily life. We've recently uploaded several new entries and look forward to your comments.

Unfortunately, we've had to turn the comment feature off for the older entries, as the amount of spam we had to delete became a management nightmare. Current entries have the comments enabled for the first month online. Don't let this discourage you from posting, as we always enjoy reading your thoughts and comments.

We hope you download and enjoy Issue 2. Thanks for your continued love and support,

With Love from Ko Lanta, Thailand
Lyn and Taro

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