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Newsletter Archive - December 2004 
December 31, 2004
Happy New Year!

We're happy to announce the publication of our third issue of Fusion Journal! Why not check it out today?

In this issue, we continue our journey in China and take you along on a virtual trip through Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan. While we had planned on traveling overland from Tibet into Nepal, we changed our plans when the Maoists rebels closed the border. From all accounts it was safe to travel into Nepal, however, we found ourselves spending time in Thailand instead. Look for the recipe on Green Papaya Salad on page 37.

Fusion Journal is available for download at the affordable price of $2.99 per issue and subscriptions (6 issues) are available for $17.50, payable though Paypal.

An account has already been pre-generated on your behalf and your username (email address) and password are included at the very end of this message. You'll find the journal online at:

If your not able to purchase the journal, we hope that you take a little time every few weeks to stop in to read the latest topics on our free weblog. We continue to upload new entries as often as we can, though we do admit that sometimes we are without a stable internet connection and our posting schedule bogs down. Rest assured that new entries will come online just as soon as we get to a connection. As always, we look forward to reading your comments!

Regarding the devastating tsunami that occurred this week, we are safe. We were staying on Kovalam Beach in southwestern India. While Kovalam did experience some very high tides, it was spared the wall of water that other communities faced. We feel very blessed to have come through unharmed.

We hope you will check out Fusion Journal #3 and we wish you all the best in the New Year!

With Love from South India
Lyn Bishop

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